The business-driven association Energy Innovation Bornholm

The business-driven association Energy Innovation Bornholm f.m.b.a. was founded i June 2014 by BOFA (waste), Bornholms Forsyning (district heating), Rønne Vand og Varme (district heating) and Østkraft (power). Business Center Bornholm holds the secretariat for the association.

Members of Energy Innovation Bornholm will among other:


• cooperate on growth and development on Bornholm

• support the municipalitys Bright Green Island-vision in order to mantain and develop Bornholms leading position on energy and environment

• create a framework for investments, implementation and testing of new energytechnolgies on community level

• secure that companies within the energysector continously invest in new technologies and future platforms for optimizing enviroment- and energy-issues.

• support and implement activities that replaces fossil fuel with sustainable sources of energy.

• stimulate the processes that leads to new educations on Bornholm in energyoptimization and -development

• assist to further energy renovation og energy efficiency on Bornholm

• assist visibel and focused marketing of Bornholm as Bright Green Island, including the possibilities for business tourism and Energy Tours

• secure that the total experience and knowledge in the energysector may come in to play.


For further details and information regarding the strategic energyplan and Energy Innovation please contact:


Anna Sofie Poulsen
Phone +45 29 12 75 12

af / 28.05.2014