Welcome to Bright Green Island

Some people believe that words like technology, design and creativity belong to the big cities. That big problems should be solved by big companies in big offices. On Bornholm we - as a small community on a small island - have decided to prove them wrong.

Innovation, solutions and development can take place anywhere at anytime by anyone. And that is the basis of our vision for Bornholm: Bright Green Island.


The vision for Bright Green Island is to be a 100 % sustainable community by 2025. A community which creates local, sustainable solutions, eco-friendly growth and inspires and welcomes new businesses.  We want to turn this fringe area of Denmark into an asset: an island replete with green initiatives, projects and enterprises.


We wish to share our knowledge and experiences with other islands and regions around the world, which have set their sights on green, sustainable development.


Living Sustainably on Bornholm
It is crucial for the success of the Bright Green Island vision that each individual takes part in this journey towards a more sustainable community. Therefore it is important for us to learn and in turn to teach our children to think and act more sustainably -  So that we change our habits and guide businesses and industry to do the same.


Sustainable Business on Bornholm
Bornholm has undergone several business crises and financial downturns over the years, but it has managed to recover every time. Since the Bright Green Island strategy came into being in 2007, sustainability, innovation and green technologies have become an increasingly accepted way of thinking for the business community on Bornholm.


Being a Sustainable Island
Bornholm is one of the best places in the world for testing new renewable-energy technologies. A single power line connects Bornholm to the grid, which makes instant disconnection a possibility - creating a closed circuit for testing new technologies.


Geographically Bornholm is isolated - and at the same time the 40.000 people living on Bornholm form a whole society, making real life testing possible.


Being a Sustainable Destination
The serenity of the Bornholm countryside provides ideal conditions for relaxing, meditating and exercising outdoors. For both visitors and the people living on Bornholm. 


Bright Green Island's vision is therefore based on a desire to promote the conservation of nature - the deep snow, the turbulent waves, the raging storms, sandy beaches and rays of sunshine - which all attracts visitors and is loved by the locals. So that our local efforts depict our global desires.


For further information please contact:


Lena Schenk, leader of Bright Green Island


Phone: +45  56 92 13 16  / Mail: lena.schenk@brk.dk


 Valmue og Østersø i sommersolopgang (lidt nord for Hasle) .JPG